Jennifer Walsh has been a true pioneer in the beauty business.  Her role within the industry began more than 15 years ago and has been involved in everything from being a celebrity make-up artist, a freelance beauty writer, a book contributor, producer of photo-shoots, a guest speaker, a veteran TV beauty expert, the founder and creator of what became a chain of beauty boutiques, the CEO of her own beauty company, and most of all her experience has made her a well respected beauty and skin care expert.

Jennifer Walsh

Jennifer has been noted as being the Queen of Beauty TV for her reoccurring presence on air as a beauty expert longer than anyone else in the country, in her field. Jennifer can be seen on TV 8-12 times a month across the country and has been doing so since 1998.

What makes Jennifer TRULY unique is her sheer knowledge of the industry, her longevity on TV as an expert, and her relationships with so many beauty brands.  As the founder and creator of a chain of beauty boutiques, Jennifer was trained by more than 100 + brands and then had to educate and train her staff and her customers. She understood what it took to run a successful multi chain business.  She was featured in a 30 day video diary and blog on Entrepreneur Magazine’s website in 2007.

Over the years she has learned her craft through hands on experience. She has traveled around the globe to learn and experience the beauty business first hand. She has formed close alliances with some of the most sought after brands as well as getting to know the new kids on the block. This close rapport with industry insiders made Ms. Walsh not only a sought after retail partner but also a strong media insider as well. She has been featured in countless magazines across the country throughout the years.

Since the late 1990’s Jennifer has been on TV showcasing products, their ingredients, and telling the brands stories to her viewers. As an on air TV expert nationally in the beauty industry for over a decade on ABC,CBS, NBC, Fox, Better TV, Daytime TV, etc ~ she is known as the one to go to promote their brand.   As a long time make-up artist, Jennifer has had the pleasure of working with celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, John Travolta, top models, top athletes and others. Jennifer has also been an accomplished freelance writer for over a decade for books, magazines, and blogs. She is often traveling around the country finding the newest products, meeting with new and established brands, acting as a guest on radio shows, and speaking at national forums for small business in America and what it takes to start your own business.

Jennifer likes to be involved in all aspects of her business and the beauty industry in general. Motivated by her love of skin care products and make-up, Walsh made it her mission to learn all that she could about the industry and share that knowledge with people she met throughout the country.   She continues to work closely with skin care and cosmetic companies on TV, on advertising campaigns, market research, trend forecasting, and PR.  Ms Walsh’s story is one of true perseverance and passion for what she does; she is an educator and a true pioneer within her field and continues to be a serial entrepreneur in the beauty arena.


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  1. Posted by Colleen Elizabeth on August 14, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    I was wondering if you have an e-mail address where I could suggest a product for review. Thanks!



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